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Trix + Robert Haussmann - Nottingham Contemporary.

It is always better if I manage to get an exhibition post up before it ends as it gives you a chance to go and visit yourselves if you like what you see. Lately I have caught a few right at the last minute including this one about Swiss architects and designers Trix and Robert Haussmann at Nottingham Contemporary. I still wanted to share my trip with you and show you some of the beautiful design I saw, mainly furniture. Along side this I have picked a few items so you can bring some of the design elements into your own home.

This show had such a cool look, with work dating from 1967 to present day, a lovely variety of old and new, with a backdrop of grey monochromatic, geometric wall patterns and crisp white walls. Usually when I go to an exhibition I like to read the information as I go along and if I know nothing about the artists perhaps read up a little before I go but this time I just wandered, took some photos and appreciated the beauty of the work (and swatted up on the info after!).

I'll start with this amazing chest of drawers, part of the Haussmann's " Lehrstücke" collection. It is made up of individual, irregular sized drawers and a beautiful wood grain and the pattern is almost brick like (see the above image for some sketches of how it appears when open).

Get a similar feel in your house with this sideboard from Swoon Editions. Sadly, the pattern is only cladding for two doors rather than all those independent sections,

but still nice!

The image above right shows a tall mirrored cabinet, which looks to have deep alcoves however the surface of this piece is totally flat, the use of mirrors and trompe l'oeil shading gives the surface depth and tricks you into thinking you are looking through an opening to the other side rather than something solid. On to the mirrors themselves or "Spiegelobjekte". According to the info from the gallery, the Haussmanns describe them "as a kind of virtual reality" and their use of perspective in the mirror in the above right image does seem to draw you down what looks like a mirrored corridor. These are more pieces of art, but this one from Perch and Parrow only has one mirror pane which perhaps makes it a little more practical for use within the home but has a similar feel with its geometric frame.

For an interesting addition to any room, traditional or contemporary add a graphic, grey geometric design with this throw from John Lewis. The neutral colour means it will go with any other colour you already have, but the bold modern design will give an interesting contrast to older pieces and its simple lines will complement modern furniture items.

Next, more eye trickery with this sofa and chair that, due to their mirrored finished and the plain white walls and wooden floor of the gallery, appear to be see-through. Only when you are stood right in front of it, seeing your own feet reflected back at you does your brain manage to work out exactly what is going on. If the space had been filled with more items, the effect might have been less impressive. This mirrored cube storage box from Homes Direct 365, can hide away clutter for a more minimal look in a room and will reflect both light and its surroundings giving an almost invisible effect!

I'm finishing with this collection of unusable chairs, "Chair Fun". They really show how furniture doesn't have to just be the practical items of everyday life which often get taken for granted. Furniture can be art in itself, something beautiful to look at or just a bit of fun. Of course, we should try to appreciate those functional designs as well. The stylish design classic, the Thonet chair, that appears in the exhibition as "Trio"(above left), altered by the Haussmanns so that three intersect, making any impossible to sit on. And making chair legs from neon tubing won't make for a very strong and sturdy chair but it is a rather nice light! How about getting the feel of two of these pieces in a much more workable way with Chair 18 by Ton from LOVEThESIGN with the addition of a funky dalmatian print cushion from WillaSkyeHome on Etsy.

R x

(This is not a sponsored post).


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