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So long, summer... Cornwall Photographic Journal.

With the clocks changing last weekend we are most definitely heading into winter and if you are anything like me, you are being dragged there kicking and screaming! Don't get me wrong, winter isn't all bad, you can get the fire lit, wrap up warm and we all know why December is fun (not that I can bring myself to say the word just yet). And there is certainly something to be said for crisp winter days of sunshine and clear blue skies, but in England these can sometimes seem few and far between, although it certainly makes you appreciate them when they do come.

As a little antidote for the change in weather, I'm bringing you a photographic journal of sea, sunsets, beach huts and gardens, on warmer days back at the end of the summer when I was enjoying the sunshine in a campervan on a little tour of Cornwall and Dorset.

R x


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