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Paris Invasion.

Here is my first little post on my latest trip to Paris. I'm going to bring you a few other bits and bobs soon but I'm going to start with this, a little photographic journal of all my Invader street art findings! I mentioned him in last years Paris post, I do love seeing his little works all over the place especially on older, historical buildings and particularly the ones where he has used the features of the building as the surround for the piece (the first photo of the gallery was my favourite spot on this trip). Some of this years were ones I have seen before, but I did find loads of new ones. There is an app you can use (called FlashInvaders) to capture each piece you see and you receive a score for each one, as I have a lot documented now (my husband likes to tease me about my constant snapping of them) maybe the next time we visit Paris, I'll go for the points instead! Invader puts works in other cities too, have you spotted any on your travels?

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