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Outside, inside.

We are still talking plants here at Pink Couch this week. After my last post about my trip to Kew Gardens and the lovely Pilea plant shop in Frome, I decided that I wanted to look more closely about designing with plants in the home (some new embroideries are in the pipeline too, watch this space). I think getting some greenery inside is especially important heading in to Autumn as we will all probably be spending less time outside in nature and some company from a little green plant friend might help you through the cold winter months! Bringing plants in the house is an element of Biophilic design (Biophilia = love of nature). The idea is to connect the inside space to the outdoors giving the occupant as much natural light as possible, fresh air and scenic views from the exterior, coupled with the internal elements like foliage, natural materials and textures such as wood and natural colours on the walls which mirror the external surroundings. This provides you with a mood-boosting, calming space where you can feel connected to nature whatever the weather! Farrow & Ball have just launched their new paint collection, Colour By Nature, which have been created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. These paints all come with a description of the different animals, minerals and plants that have inspired them, perfect for a biophilic design project.

I am certainly not a houseplant expert, I have several different types in my house and they all seem happy which hopefully means I'm doing something right. When I started doing some research for my new artwork, I began reading some houseplant books and it turns out that the plants in my house are generally already in the places they like to be in. Some of this was accidental, but for some of the plants I was aware of what they liked when I bought them. I know that not everyone is green-fingered and I know lots of people who say that they are very good at killing plants, but the ones I have are all fairly easy to look after, but you do have to make the effort to firstly remember to water them, and secondly how much! And this is definitely the bare

minimum that you need to know, it is certainly worth reading around a little first for a few more tips on how to make your plants happy.

I have put together a few little boards each featuring a plants, all of which I have in my house and have been able to keep alive fairly easily, with the help of my husband (Mother in Law's Tongue is apparently especially simple to keep) some of the new Farrow & Ball colours and a shelf - the perfect home for a houseplant in your room helping to bring a little outside, inside.

Below are links to where you can buy the items featured, but this is not a sponsored post.


Farringdon double wall shelf - Garden Trading

Oy hand lotion - Hus and Hem, via Trouva

Moebe mirror - Earl of East, via Trouva

Madam Stoltz plant pot - Lillian Daph Store, via Trouva


Carter black shelf - Urban Outfitters

Rustic Amphora vase - Zara Home

Zuiver clock - Vandaag concept store, via Trouva

House Doctor planter - Collard Manson via Trouva

Dining Room

Pink Chai shelf -Dowsing and Reynolds

Matchbox label print - East End Prints, via Trouva

Monkey candle holder -Sue Parkinson, via Trouva

Serax plant pot - Kagu Interiors

Living Room

Leather shelf straps (with or without shelf) - Konoc

Hay wooden hand - indiestore, via Trouva

Leopard: Fashion's Most Powerful Print by Hilary Alexander - Roo's Beach

Affair cement plant pot - Batllo Concept, via Trouva

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