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Linder, part one - The House of Fame.

Last week I went to the Nottingham Contemporary, one of my favourite galleries (and not just because it's in my hometown). It is a really beautiful space with 4 large gallery rooms, it puts on some really great exhibitions and entry is free!

When I received an email telling me about their current exhibition, it grabbed my attention for a couple of reasons. Firstly the subject, Linder, a great graphic artist who creates photomontage, (a personal favourite medium of mine) whose work I had seen and loved at an exhibition at Tate St Ives a few years ago. Secondly, in September last year she was made the first ever artist in residence at Chatsworth House (any blog followers will know I am a huge fan of Chatsworth!). This exhibition is a collection of her work, old and some brand new pieces she has created while in her residency at Chatsworth. It also includes items from the Chatsworth collection that have inspired her and work from other artists, including one of my favourite pieces by Richard Hamilton (Below - "Fashion Plate").

The exhibitions 4 rooms each have a different theme - The House of the Future, The House of Rest, The House of Unrest and The Abode of Sound. The first of these features the proposal for The House of the Future by Allison and Peter Smithson for the Ideal Home Exhibition in 1956 (above image). It was supposed to be what they imagined a house would look like 25 years in the future. I have done a bit of background reading on it since and found a really nice article here all about the design, showing sketches and a very nice typeface, worth a look!

The House of Fame finishes on the 24th June, so you still have time to see it and I would really recommend going, it was a hugely interesting and varied collection of work - collage, drawings, photography, video, music, fashion and even a rug! If you can't get to see the exhibition in person, or if you just want a little sneak peak of what they have on offer, I try to make a Pinterest board after visiting an exhibition of some of the pieces I have seen (really useful if you aren't allowed to take photos in the gallery, but you actually were at this exhibition), you can find the one I have put together here.

For more information on the exhibtion visit -

Look out for Part 2 later in the summer after my Chatsworth visit!


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