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Kew Gardens - Photographic Journal.

I have done a few of these photographic journals now and I really enjoy doing them. Sometimes I take a trip or visit an exhibition and there are so many things to say and lots of ideas generated, but sometimes things are simpler and I just want to show you something beautiful. A few weeks ago I visited Kew Gardens in London for my husband's birthday. He is certainly the more green-fingered of the two of us, our garden and houseplants are doing great because he is on watering duty, but from an interiors point of view, I do love plants with their varied colours, shapes and textures, they can often be what finishes off a space (I even popped one on a design board on this previous post).

It was our first visit to Kew, but we would be more than happy to go back. Thankfully after what looked like a slightly sketchy weather forecast, we had a lovely sunny day without a drop of rain to wander around and explore. Whilst we were there, we were lucky to see the exhibition of glass sculptures "Reflections on Nature" by Chihuly. If you have ever visited the V&A, you would perhaps be familiar with his work hanging in the main entrance hall. At Kew, I got to see his work that had been inspired by nature, hidden between plants in the huge greenhouses as well as out in the open which was an interesting contrast. I thought the most spectacular was the installation in the waterlily house, where delicate glass leaves intermingled with the real lily pads.

I love the plants in my house, but all the exotic specimens that we choose have their own native countries where they are out growing in the open rather than sat in a pot decorating a room. It was fun to spot the plants I have in my house like pilea, monstera and prayer plants growing in the Kew glasshouses as if they were in the wild. My friend Laura told me about a gorgeous plant shop in Frome called Pilea (below), which I knew I needed to visit while I was staying with her recently (I had my eye on an oxalis triangularis). I bought a little pilea as a gift for my aunt too and managed to keep both alive for two weeks in a campervan but I think they will be much happier now in their permanent homes, even if they did have a good view for a little while!

Below is my photographic journal from our day at Kew, which includes several of my favourite parts - the Princess of Wales Conservatory and of course the Palm House, which felt very tropical indeed on such a warm, sunny day. Can you spot any of your houseplants?

I just got home from my annual trip to Cornwall so another photographic journal blog may be on its way shortly...I would really recommend a trip to Kew, I bet those glasshouses are rather nice to be in on a cool autumn day and if you are ever in Frome, do go to visit Pilea and stock up on your favourite greenery for your house.

R x


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