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Holiday Time!

So here we are, last blog of the year and of course I had to go with something a little festive.

However many times I've seen them, I still like to watch the same collection of Christmas films every year. One of those is The Holiday. Admittedly not necessarily one of the best, but I do love to swoon over the interiors (and Cameron Diaz's knitwear).

I really find myself noticing sets in films, the details and little touches that have been added to create the history of the characters life and make what you are seeing really become real. In the film, Kate Winslet's character Iris lives in "Rosehill Cottage" who's interior has been made to look every bit the English country home. Stone fireplaces, mismatched furniture, wooden dressers and beams. While researching this blog I was in for a shock...did you know that the cottage was built from scratch for the film?! The cute little house that looks like it has been there for 100s of years was actually created in a few weeks. I came across this blog post while looking for stills images to use and in the later part of the post, you will see how they created it! For me this makes it even more impressive that their set designers have created this truly believable setting.

Some of us will already live in a country style house and may have those collections of heirlooms, antiques and things accumulated through life. However, as we have seen in the film, it can be recreated if you so wish without it looking "false".

After watching the film (...again), I've put together a little design board for a cosy, country feel living room, inspired by Iris's home. The colour pallet in the living room is mainly natural tones of cream and beige with small accents of blue and red. The particular things that I like in the room are the selection of patterned fabrics including florals, stripes, paisley and the various neutral lamps and accessories.

I would like to wish all my Pink Couch readers and customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have got plenty to come on the blog next year, see you in 2019!

R x


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