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France - Photographic journal.

Back in June, I went on a holiday to the Dordogne in France. Usually my husband and I like to do a little research before going somewhere, make some lists of places we'd like to see and visit. This time we didn't, we just explored en route and when we arrived and it was full of surprises - Illuminated cathedrals, quiet villages and medieval towns.

There is definitely something about France that keeps drawing us back, whether you are in bustling Paris or a tiny village in the middle of nowhere (and it isn't just the pain au chocolat). Its beauty is in its history and imperfections, they don't knock it down or cover it up. This is something to consider in our homes. Some cracks in the walls or peeling plaster gives life to the space, showing evidence of its past lives before you came along. If you move into a brand new house, then you get to be the start of the story. Perfection in the home can sometimes be tricky to achieve (and often expensive!) and even if you do, it is usually short lived or difficult to maintain! Your home will inevitably be lived in, walls will get scuffed, things might get broken but all this adds to the layers of life that your home collects over time. Embrace it. France is not flawless, but it doesn't stop it being beautiful.

R x


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