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Colours of Italy - Photographic Journal.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on a little trip to Italy. Invited to stay by our best man, who is currently living in Ferrara, a walled town in the north of the country, we went to pretend to be Italian for a few days. This involved wandering around the cobbled streets, nipping in and out of shops and obviously, eating! In between all that pizza and gelato, we made use of the trains and took a couple of day trips to Bologna and Venice.

What did I notice most on this trip? Mainly, the colours. This area of Italy had a very pleasing, warm tonal colour pallet of vibrant terracottas and oranges, peach painted plaster, powdery pink and white stone plus accents of vibrant blue. Also, the history. As with France, Italy isn't trying to cover its age, it embraces it along with any imperfections created by the passing of time. Bricks are exposed where plaster has fallen away, the colours of the buildings are sun bleached and paint is peeling from shutters and it all adds to the beauty and character of the buildings and cities. Check out some of my snaps below, can you spot the new Banksy in Venice?!

Here are a few paint options and a couple of fun accessories that I think will help bring a feel of Italy to your home (item links are below).

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Blue and white stripe jug - Marram Trading, and Persora both via Trouva,

linen cushion - The Italian Collective,

bookends - The Greek Designers via Etsy.


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