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Client Profile - The Brooks - Part 3.

Do you remember the Brooks? I helped them a couple of years ago with a Product Board package for their daughter's room and a Room Edit for their main bedroom. I am pleased to say they were happy customers and this time came to me for some help with their son's room.

Much like their request for their daughter before, the brief was for a room for their toddler which had a long lifespan, wasn't too childish, still had fun colours and objects but with a base design that would grow with him. Take a look at the Product Board and finished room images below.

As you can see from the photos, not all of the pieces from the Product Board made it into the completed room (yet). This is one of of the good things about these packages, the final design includes suggestions for the room based on your requirements but during the process you may decide to include pieces of furniture or items that you have elsewhere, such as the comfy corner chair that the Brooks have used in place of the child's desk and chair for the moment.

This room actually previously belonged to the Brooks' daughter. Their son had outgrown his nursery room and was taking over this space, so that meant a relocation for their daughter to her own new room. The design for her room (left) was originally completed in 2018 but in line with the brief, it was created so that she would enjoy it for many years so the family decided to use it again for the new room. The great thing about the Pink Couch design packages is that even though they are created at the time with a specific room in mind, the design can easily be transferred to another room in the property, or even a brand new house in the future. Here is the original design used in the new room.

As always, these design packages are all about you and your needs, they can be as flexible as you need them to be, so if the packages you see listed aren't quite what you are after, please do get in touch and we can discuss a bespoke package.

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