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Client Profile - The Brooks, Part 2.

There has been more of a delay between part 1 and 2 of this post than I intended and that's because I have been busy working with a client on a very large (and exciting) new project! Things have settled down a little now, so I can finally bring you the second half of my client profile on the Brooks.

I have already shown you how we transformed their guest room with the Product Board package in to a brand new, child approved space for their toddler in part one, now we are tackling their master bedroom. This was already a beautiful room, freshly decorated and with lovely Victorian features and nice pieces of furniture but Nicole and Andrew came to me for help because they felt they were struggling to make the room feel "warm and cosy" which is very important in a bedroom!

To many, interior design is something for fancy people with lots of money who can spend thousands of pounds on a brand new designer room. This is not true! Through Pink Couch and my design packages I am hoping to challenge that idea and make people see that interior design can be accessible to everyone and with the package I used for this project in particular - the Room Edit. Think of this package like a mini makeover for your room. Perhaps you want to update a space to make it feel fresh but not redecorate entirely, maybe you started a project and have run out of time or momentum to finish it off or possibly, like Nicole and Andrew, a room just isn't working for you and you don't know why. Sometimes you can be thinking too big and worrying you need new everything to make it work, but this probably isn't the case and a few small simple small changes will do the job.

As with all Pink Couch design packages, which are carried out remotely, the process starts with an evaluation of the completed client questionnaire and photos of the space as it is currently. This allows me to get an idea of the requirements of the client, a feel for the space and an indication of their budget. You will receive a design board that features images of your existing room with instructions on where and how to make the changes needed to complete the look, along with a full product list including stockists of all the suggested items.

The main aim for the Brooks was softness. I wanted to bring in some more cosy fabrics, such as the sheepskin and the textured quilt bedspread. This is a really good item for bedrooms on a budget because instead of buying several new sets of sheets to match your new scheme, it will cover your bed completely, hiding your old sheets so the bed is always matching the decor. A high pile rug in a complimentary tone to the walls (rather than something in a contrasting colour) added extra warmth under foot and less simulation for the eyes. The rectangular mirror was swapped for an oval one with curved lines that are less harsh and which filled the space better. The lighting was addressed so that harsher, directional light from the desk style lamp on the dressing table was replaced with a more diffused glow from a new shaded table lamp and the metal ceiling shade which allowed bright light to flood the whole room was changed for a shade with a metallic interior to shine warm light downwards for a more cosy feel. The final suggestion, instead of getting new blinds, a small update to the old ones of some pom pom trim, again adding texture and softness to the line of the blinds. All making the space more comfortable, relaxing space.

Here's what the client had to say about her new room -

"I always felt there was something missing to pull together our master bedroom, but couldn't put my finger on it so I asked Rachel for some help. Rachel's suggestions were brilliant for example, little details like adding pom poms to our existing blinds to soften them was ingenious and made such a difference to the overall feel of the room. All of her ideas for the room were to brief and within budget. We are really pleased with the result and can't thank Rachel enough for her help." - Nicole Brook.

Remember, interior design is for everyone! If you think you need a little help with your own project get in touch at and I can suggest which package would be right for you or I can even create a bespoke one to suit your requirements. I want to make it as simple as possible for your to get the room you want!

R x


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