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And, relax.

Back in April I was in Paris. Only for a few days, but we did A LOT of walking, to and from the metro, around the neighbourhoods and shop and up the stairs to our apartment! The view and the interiors were lovely (once you got past the slightly scary front door!) but sadly, even though the bathroom was really stylish with some very clever space saving tricks which really made the most of the small space, it didn't have a bath. There is nothing I like more than running a bath and spending a long time in there (usually with a book and cup of tea) especially after a long day of walking, be it around a city or the Derbyshire countryside.

On one of our days in Paris we ended up walking down the famous Boulevard Saint Germain and I spotted this shop, Bains & Deco. I didn't go in, but the window was enough for a swoon over that amazing bath! It got me thinking, I don't usually get much opportunity to design bathrooms, most of my clients tend to come to me with living rooms and bedrooms, which makes sense really, as these are probably the two spaces in your house that tend to get the most use, whether relaxing in the evenings or sleeping for (hopefully!) eight hours a night, so they are probably the first in need of a refresh.

Because of my love of a nice bath, I thought I would put together a scheme using a few bits that I have selected off the Bains & Deco website, a couple of images of the lovely original features of our Parisian apartment and a few other things, to make what would be a stylish dream bathroom, made for relaxation and indulgence. The mostly monochrome scheme and contemporary fixtures have been chosen to create a modern, dramatic bathroom in contrast to the historical property setting. You might notice I haven't included a toilet or sink on this board, I'm going for more pampering than function with this idea!

R x


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