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Client Profile - The Wyatt-Jacksons

So here we go, the first Pink Couch client profile! I was very excited to receive some "after" photos this week of a client's project, so now I can share them with you.

The Wyatt-Jacksons are a lovely married couple in their 30s, who are both busy teachers in their daily lives, so when they needed to revamp their spare room, they came to Pink Couch so I could do the leg work for them with a Product Board.

Using their questionnaire answers and some snaps of their room, I was able to get a good idea of what they were after - a calming, fresh space with earthy, natural colours for their guests which could still be used by them on a daily basis and to house some of their art and souvenirs from their travelling days.

The first stage of any Product Board design is the two initial Swatch Boards, which suggest a couple of potential colour schemes for the space along with some options of a product that the client requested in their questionnaire, in this case, a rug. The Wyatt-Jacksons went with the Farrow and Ball "Purbeck Stone" colour scheme, but preferred the rug from Swatch 1, so I took these through to the final board.

Below are the before and after snaps so you can see how the Product Board helped them to realise their new design. What is great about the Pink Couch design packages is that they are tailored to you and your needs and they are all about working with you as a individual to make sure you get exactly what you require out of your room. Each Product Board comes with a shopping list which includes links to websites so you can order everything you need with ease. You will see that the "after" snaps don't feature all the recommendations from the board as during the project the clients realised that some more of their existing furniture would work in the newly designed room saving on their budget - all designs are able to evolve during the process. It is really nice to know that with a bit of Pink Couch inspiration, my clients could create the space they wanted.

Hope you like the outcome, here's what the client had to say -

"Rachel was amazing at helping my husband and I to transform our spare bedroom. We had quite a few ideas whizzing around our heads, but with busy lives (and perhaps too many ideas..) we couldn't work out what to do with the room. Rachel's questionnaire focused our thoughts and her vision was fantastic! She really understood the sort of space we wanted and all within a budget we could manage! Great and speedy communication also made us very happy customers. Can't wait to work with you again. Thanks Rachel!" - Alice Wyatt-Jackson.

Keep a look out for some more Client Profiles in the coming months and if you are interesting in finding out more about one of the accessible interior design packages from Pink Couch, click here.


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