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Is it Spring yet?

So, who else is ready for Spring?

I know that the clocks have changed but apart from a couple of nice days here and there, it seems they were false starts, just when you think the weather is getting better you start hearing about snow again, surely not!?

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I settled down in front of the fire one cold Sunday evening to watch one of my favourite films, "Something's Gotta Give". Have you seen it? It's really funny, has Diane Keaton in it and bonus, features one of the best house interiors in a film in my opinion (along with the house in "It's Complicated"). It is right on the beach in the Hamptons in New York state, the exterior is a real house but the interior is a just a set, still it's beautiful regardless and is a design that makes you long for summer days.

What I like about this interior it is that it looks like the beach house that it is but without forcing that fact on you with boat ornaments and portholes - cute when you are staying at a seaside B&B for a few days but not in a house you actually live in all the time. Also, most of us aren't lucky enough to live by the sea and personally I feel seaside accessories in a house that isn't by the sea can seem a bit odd! So with that in mind, I created the board below for a living room with a subtle seaside vibe - a few stripes, soft fabrics, fresh blues and yellows and pale wood. Good for a seaside property but I think that even in a land-locked home this would work, giving the feel of relaxing days by the sea no matter where you live. I have also snuck in a piece of artwork by Barbara Hepworth called "Porthmeor" which happens to be one of my favourite beaches, but you will notice I have steered clear of any literal beach imagery. It does however echo the blues and yellows that I have used elsewhere in the design as well as including those soft curves of the furniture and more precise lines of the stripes.

Hope you like it, now go and snuggle up and watch "Something's Gotta Give" and wait for the Spring to arrive!

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