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Accessible Interior Design.

Pink Couch offers online interior design packages with simple steps to create your vision, with the emphasis on the personal style of the home or business owner and classic, timeless design.

A lot of people are of the opinion that interior design is only for the people who have a lot of money with huge budgets, this is not the case! Have you ever felt like a room in your home needs a makeover but you aren't sure where to start? Does the idea of choosing a new colour scheme daunt you? Would you just like someone to give you a bit of confidence to make a change? Have you started a project and run out of momentum? Or would you like to freshen up an existing room with minimal fuss?

Do you have a favourite piece of artwork, photograph, design style, ornament or even simply just a colour? I like to begin with these starting points and create a new room scheme that encompasses a fresh new look without compromising the personality or features of the home. 

Discover Accessible Interior Design with Pink Couch.

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