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Art and design have been the focus of my life from a very early age. 

The best year of my life in education was my art foundation where I learnt lots of new skills and began to discover how I worked and what I liked, this is also where Pink Couch began.

This lead me to a degree in graphic design and photography and after dabbling for a few years with these skills I took a different direction and began producing my free motion machine embroidery work. Something that began as playing on a sewing machine and producing imagery that I love has become a custom artwork design service, showcasing my unique style of sewing.


Rachel Branford Pink Couch designer
About Rachel.

Most recently, my interior design diploma and experience of styling and visual merchandising, has allowed me to take something that has always been an interest of mine and turn it into another service that Pink Couch can offer.

Head over to the blog to find out more about me!


The Pink Couch Studio, Derbyshire.

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